About the Author

Sandy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her ever supportive husband and a hairy Havanese who warms her feet while she writes. Because late at night when the house is quiet and cool, her mind wanders through dark alleys, chilling caves and moonless terrains, but only if her feet are warm.

A space heater under the desk or fuzzy slippers or, best of all, Benson’s warm hairy body generates the heat needed to raise the temperature of her suspenseful tales.

The settings for her novels, though fictitious, may seem familiar. Because she has hiked those trails and lived in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains where her stories come to life. Her characters have quirks, virtues and attitudes gleaned from friends, family, strangers and maybe even you. The source of the twists and turns that flow from Sandy’s mind to fill pages with tension is a mystery better left unsolved.

Places she’s been or wanted to go, people she’s known or observed, and emotions she has felt or imagined inspire her writing. That covers just about anything, as you’ll see in her LEAP SERIES of short stories.

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