A Story Written in a FLASH!

Inspired by Flash Fiction Friday prompt words.

I Shot the Mayor

I’ve been called a master of deception, a label I wear with pride. From this side of the bars, you’d think I’d rue the day they sentenced me to be hanged for shooting the mayor. Known by the upper crust as Mr. Fran C. Pence, the rest of us referred to the city dignitary as Sir Fancy Pants.

In full view from the barred window of my six by six, the structure of my shortened future was being erected. The same boys who snuck licorice sticks and chewing tobacco between those bars for a few coins, danced around the gallows like they were at the playground down by the one-room schoolhouse.

Speaking of school, my favorite gal was Miss Hopkins, the pretty little spinster who taught those hooligans. The sway of those hips was enough to make any man wish he was a boy again. Even Sir Fancy Pants.

Now that’s where the shooting happened. Down at the school, just after all the girls and boys had headed for home, including the Pence children. Kasandra, or should I say, Miss Hopkins, who I affectionately referred to as Miss Kiss and Run, was beating the carpets out behind the schoolhouse.

She’d worked up a nice sheen of sweat, well not sweat, cause ladies don’t sweat, but she was a glowin’ when the old codger snuck up behind her and laid a hand on her hip. She whipped around and poked him in the gut with the beating stick. He oofed and stumbled backwards and that wiry little gal bopped him over the head with that stick.

When I arrived to steal my evening kiss, Sir Fancy Pants was sprawled all wack-a-doodle across one end of the teeter-totter, dead as a doornail. Miss Hopkins had that stick slung over her shoulder, like she was ready to bop him again. Well, I couldn’t have her pummeling a corpse, so I pulled out my six shooter and shot the mayor.

Now that I look back on it, that was pretty clever of me. This town and all those upper crusters will never know they’re hanging a liar, or should I say, a master of deception, and sending their precious offspring to be taught by a murderess.